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    Steer the snowball down the track without waking Charly up!

Für magische Weinachten

Play our «Winter Game» and win great prizes!

You can play the «Winter Game», which is taking place exclusively in the Coop app, each day and win instant prizes from 14 November until 4 December 2022. Can you roll the snowball down the track without waking Charly up? If you make it and you're lucky, you could win a reward!

Play each day and win

There are prizes to be won every day in the Christmas competition.

- Prizes can be redeemed until 11 December 2022.
- A maximum of one prize per day is possible

To take part all you need is the new Coop app, a Supercard ID and a little luck. You don't yet have the new Coop app?

It’s easy

  1. Open the Coop app
    Open the app and navigate to «Winter Game» in the menu

  2. Guide the snowball
    Tap the screen on the left or the right to guide the snowball in the right direction through the winter landscape for 30 seconds.

  3. Avoid the bells
    Avoid the bells along the way and don’t touch the edge of the track.

    The longer you stay on track, the more points you will gain for the high score.

Over 1 million instant prizes to be won!


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The Coop app

To take part in the «Winter Game» competition, you need the Coop app. You can download it free of charge in the App Store or the Google Play Store.

In addition to the competition, the Coop app offers many other advantages:
- Range of more than 17'000 products
- Display special offers and new products
- Scan products to add them to your basket
- Reserve your delivery date before you shop
- Redeem digital coupons
- Take part in digital collection passes with each purchase in the app
- Access existing shopping lists and recent orders


  • Where can I find the «Winter Game» in the Coop app?

  • How often can I play?

  • Can I also take part without a smartphone?

  • Can I register for the «Winter Game» via a VPN client?

Get ready for Christmas

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