Coop - For a magical Christmas

Für magische Weinachten

The Coop Christmas ad Nevi makes it snow

Coop is celebrating this festival of love and giving – and it's most recent TV ad tells the story of Nevi the snow monster and a special friendship that leads to a white Christmas.

Our Song «BY YOUR SIDE» by Argyle Singh - Now commercially available.

Recipes for cooking and baking Everything for the perfect Christmas

Do you still need ideas for your Christmas dinner? FOOBY has come up with some delicious recipes for you. You can choose the ones you like to create your own personal festive menu.

«Let it snow!» A monstrous amount of collection fun

Have you met Nevi yet? Our snow monster will make sure there’s plenty of snow this winter. And we've also got lots of Nevi collection items to make sure you're warm and cosy when you come back from your outdoor adventures.

Special gifts The perfect presents for me and you

If you want to give your loved ones something special, you could spend some time in the kitchen and magic up a culinary gift for them. Not quite your thing? Then we have some great ideas for gifts to buy or make.

"Let it snow!" – the competition Help Nevi make it snow and win a mystery prize

Play the game on the Coop app from 16 November to 6 December 2020.

Nevi audiobook The last snow monster

Listen to an audiobook recording of Nevi's story.

Get ready for Christmas

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